Group Companies

Sri Plastic Industries


Sri Plastic Industries is the parent company of the Sri Group. It was established in the year 1985 as a wholesale distributor of plastic carry bags in Andhra Pradesh, India.

Then slowly and gradually with years of experience and knowledge of the industry, it grew step by step along with its customers and today it is the largest supplier of varied forms of plastic carry bags (Viz: Shopping bags, Kirana Bags, Handle Bags, D-cut Bags, Poly Bags, Perpetrated Bags) in terms of both quantity and quality in the entire state of Andhra Pradesh and among the top three in the southern region of India.

Distribution to Manufacturing

Responding to the market demand, Sri Group then went into backward integration by manufacturing virgin plastic carry bags.

Sri Ram Polymers

SRP came into existence in the year 2003. It was formed to keep up to the market demand. It manufactures HM/LLDP poly bags, rolls, sheets, Liner etc. SRP brands have got tremendous response from the customers. SRP is known for it’s quality and quantity supply.

Sri Shyam Additives

Started in the year 2012 with the intention of backward integration, Sri Shyam Additives is one of the leading suppliers of filler additives used in the process of making carry bags in southern India.

With Four filler producing machines and an output of around 7500Tns per Annum Output, the company is growing strongly in other applicative industry.

The company is now planning to put up a new masterbatch manufacturing machine for the in-house consumption of the group companies.

Balaji Flexi Pack Pvt Ltd

At BFP, We have now started manufacturing blown film poly in-house keeping in mind quality and service from our ever demanding customers.

Currently, we have 3 blown film machine from Kabra Extrusion with Annual capacity of 5000TNS.

To diversify further we have imported stretch manufacturing machine to satisfy evolving needs of the current and the new customers.