High-barrier packaging film is the premium choice of packaging material for preserving product quality and freshness. At TRL, we utilize high-barrier packaging to keep moisture, air and other elements sealed off from the contents inside your flexible pouch or bag.

Barrier Films for Food Packaging

One of the most common challenges facing food products is shelf life. High-barrier packaging helps retain rich flavours and aromas by creating a tightly sealed barrier system. The barrier film works to efficiently block oxygen transmission and water vapour from contacting sensitive foods.

Products such as coffee grounds, snack foods and select dry ingredient food products can be greatly affected by any air or moisture that enters the pouch.

With barrier packaging film, you can optimize your product’s shelf life and provide maximum, long-lasting quality for customers.

TRL can work with you along the way to ensure that your package’s high-barrier film is carefully constructed to meet your product’s specific requirements.

Moisture Barrier Packaging

Moisture barrier packaging is a must for dry ingredient products such as powdered soup mixes and nutritional supplements.

Oxygen Barrier Packaging

Oxygen barrier packaging uses a special material coating that eliminates oxygen levels inside the pouch, which helps preserve your product’s colour, flavour and aroma.

High-Barrier Film for Non-Food Items

High-barrier packaging can also be a valuable film choice for non-food items such as household chemicals and nutraceutical products. Our unique materials are tested and validated throughout the high-barrier lamination process to ensure optimum protection