Whether it’s pasta, soup mix, rice, or mashed potatoes, TRL dry food packaging bags are perfect for a wide range of dry ingredient products. No matter what type of food your brand is known for, preserving its great taste starts with the packaging.

TRL provides an array of preformed pouch products and bags including stand-up pouches, lay-flat pouches, 3-side seal pouches and more.

When it comes to dynamic branding and maximized freshness, flexible packaging is far more effective than its rigid counterpart. Our dry food packaging bags and pouches utilize technologically advanced materials that not only help keep your product’s taste intact but also provide a great canvas for unique layouts and creative packaging designs.

Our dry food packaging solutions can be tailor-made using a variety of custom features from press-to-close zippers to tear notches.

Top Choice Dry Food Packaging Bags


TRL provides unmatched quality and versatility. Our dry food packaging bags and pouches are designed to meet the needs of both your brand and your product. Our most common dry ingredient pouch packaging options include the following:

Stand-Up Pouches

Dry foods like rice and pasta are often packaged in a stand-up pouch to provide premium freshness and resealability.

Lay-Flat Pouches

Lay-flat pouches, also known as pillow pouches, are an excellent packaging choice for soup mixes, seasonings and dry powders.

3-Side Seal Pouches

Our sealed pouches complement the needs of rice products and various dry ingredient baking mixes.

Flat-Bottom Bags

The box shape of our flat-bottom pouches provides a sturdy structure that works well with a wide range of dry ingredient snack foods.

As an expert supplier of dry food packaging bags and flexible pouches, TRL can provide the guidance and knowledge necessary to improve your brand’s packaging output.