As the candy industry grows more competitive each and every day, businesses need to find new and innovative ways to stay relevant in an evolving market.

From bite-size candies to bulk candies, the candy packaging options at TRL are able to provide an array of solutions that work for both consumers and businesses.

Customers today expect more from every product.

Whether it’s having portion control options with easy product access and closure systems, we offer a variety of add-on features including press-to-close zippers, tear notches, and product windows that exceed customer expectations.

Clever Candy Packaging Options

At TRL, we know how important it is to have an eye-catching package on the shelf. Our diverse capabilities allow us to provide extensive candy packaging options for every detail from design and printing to selecting the right materials and finishing touches.

Roll Fed Film

The classic candy packaging option. The roll-fed film is able to create a tighter fit around your product while reducing waste. From bite size to king size, the roll-fed film can be adapted to nearly any size candy bar.

Sample Packets/Sachet

Sachet packaging is a versatile solution when looking for a single serving packaging solutions. This style of packaging can be customized to the size you need with the same printing capabilities as larger flexible packaging options.

Stand-Up Pouch

The stand-up pouch has become one of the most popular options for candies due to shelf-stability, portion control opportunities and on-the-go snacking.