Packaging can be a Theater it can create a Story

Tirumala Roto Lam (TRL) specializes in high-quality flexible packaging. Whether you are looking for long-run production or a speciality short-run job in flexible packaging, TRL can help your brand soar above the rest. From printing to pouch making, all processes are in the house and henceforth allows us to provide quality and most importantly add value to your product.

We understand that in today’s fast-changing and demanding business world about thousands of consumer products are introduced every year and most of them fail because of near misses.

These near misses will account for a huge amount in research, marketing, re-launches and lost opportunities.

We believe the near misses which are the critical factors in a brand growth are

Innovative packaging of your product.

The quality graphics impression which makes the packaging attractive to the end consumer.

That’s why more and more brand managers are turning to flexible packaging to reduce cost without compromising on the near misses.TRL understands Time-to-Market pressures and we have the resources to execute and meet critical deadlines.

Whether you are upgrading your current packaging or launching a new brand, TRL has the resources and determination to help you on your way to success.

We invite you to browse our website to learn more about how TRL can help you define that all-important competitive edge with your packaging program.

TRL Packaging is BRC certified which is an internationally recognized mark of food safety and quality.


Since inception, we have worked rigorously to be recognised as the partner of choice in the development of high quality, innovative and cost-effective packaging solutions.

We work on building true customer partnerships by delivering quality in our product and services, innovation in our approach and processes, while always following fair business practices with complete honesty and integrity.

Our success stems from the talented individuals that drive the company forward. A combination of experienced industry professionals, strategic partnerships and an environment that encourages new ideas and perspectives help us drive business growth and productivity.

Company Values

Ur Values define the fundamental attributes for guiding all our decisions and actions. They are non-negotiable.


To be honest and ethical in all we do


To always be humble and simple in conduct


To always give our best and perform at the highest levels in everything we do


To be responsible for our work, to our team and for contributing to the success of our company


To treat one another with fairness and dignity


To be a globally recognised brand in the packaging industry


To generate sustainable customer’s value
  • Becoming the preferred packaging solutions provider
  • Delivering customer delight and value through superior customer service and quality
  • Building long term and mutually beneficial partnerships with all business stakeholders
  • Driving innovation & harnessing modern technology commercially, while continuing to manage risk sensibly
  • Being an employer of choice and empowering employees to achieve the highest standards of performance
  • Being conscious towards social responsibility and environment sustainability


We are committed to doing our bit towards the environment and society and are taking small steps today to make our business practices more sustainable in an effort to building a better world tomorrow.

We are always looking to re-engineer our operations to make them more environmentally friendly.

We also collaborate with our clients to help them achieve their sustainability objectives by creating optimal designs that reduce resource and material wastage and are beneficial across the entire value chain.

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