Snack food packaging is in the midst of a style and design renaissance. Here at TRL, we’re able to stay ahead of the curve and assist our partners in finding the perfect snack packaging bag option for their product.

Flexible snack food packaging takes up less space in your warehouse and looks great on grocer’s shelves. By using a single, flexible snack packaging solution you are able to present customers with an eye-catching, branded package that can retain freshness thanks to our premium quality materials and closure systems.

Innovative Snack Packaging Bags

Once you find the right snack food packaging option for your product, let TRL printing and packaging experts help with the finishing touches like clear product windows and gloss or matte finishing.

Stand-Up Pouch

The stand-up pouch has become a staple in snack food packaging due to its convenience, resealability and shelf appeal.

Shaped Pouch 

An eye-catching alternative to the standard stand-up pouch, the shaped pouch can be cut to almost any shape that suits your snack product’s unique needs.

Spouted Pouch

For the on-the-go consumer, the spouted pouch provides more control than traditional bottles and the spouted nozzle seals tightly for long-lasting flavor and freshness.