For many pet owners or “pet parents,” nothing compares to the rewarding feeling of pampering pets with fun toys, comfy beds, and tasty treats. Oftentimes, many of these decisions start with the look and feel of the packaging these products come in.

At TRL, we provide a great selection of pet food packaging products that will make your pet food and treats stand out on the shelves.

As the pet food industry continues to grow and diversify, it helps to partner with manufacturing experts who stay current with the latest pet food packaging trends and requirements.  TRL can supply custom preformed pet food bags and pouches including stand-up pouches, shaped pouches and more to give your brand an enhanced visual appeal while providing customers with easy-to-use functionality and important nutritional facts for pet health and safety.

Convenience and Accessibility

Pet owners with busy work schedules are often pressed for time in the morning, which is why pet food packaging designs that focus on accessibility and technologically advanced closure systems are most desirable. Easy opening, easy closing and easy pouring are essential for any pet food bag or pouch.

From press-to-close zippers to spouts  TRL expertise provides something unique for all pet treats – not just cat and dog food packaging. Depending on the type of animal, pet food and treats can vary greatly in size and shape. Our packaging capabilities allow us to cover a wide range of pouch styles so we can best suit your product’s distinct characteristics.