TRL advanced frozen food packaging materials help consumers enjoy their favourite foods out of season while reducing waste and increasing long-lasting freshness.

Our wide range of material options allows you to create unique frozen food bags that satisfy your brand’s needs with eye-catching design capabilities.

Busy families are always in need of solutions that fit their on-the-go lifestyles. Whether it’s providing a meal for unexpected guests, adding a fresh vegetable on the side or preparing appetizers, the variety and ease of frozen foods provide solutions at every meal.

A few of our more popular flexible frozen food packaging materials and products can be found below.

Quad Style Pouch

This pouch has full height gussets and plenty of filling volume for bulk frozen items like French fries and chicken tenders while still looking great in a grocer’s freezer. The quad style pouch keeps strength in mind and won’t break open under the weight of your product.


The Lay-Flat Pouch is the classic frozen vegetable package, by using a minimalist design there is less material used with maximum product space. A staple of frozen fruits and vegetables, this pouch has become what consumers expect.

Shaped Pouch

The Shaped Pouch can be created in almost any shape that suits your needs and can be designed with a tear notch for easy access. This pouch is great for on the go frozen foods, like pre-made smoothies that can be drunk straight from the package.

As frozen food packaging materials continue to evolve, TRL will be there to help you stay up-to-date with the newest options. Fill out the form below to have a team representative contact you with more details.