Keeping your coffee beans fresh is essential to providing your customers with the best product possible. Coffee packaging bags have vastly evolved from the simple paper products of the past.

New technology in coffee packaging lets you pack freshly roasted coffee beans quickly while preventing external influences from distorting the flavour.

At TRL, we provide the best materials for your flexible coffee packaging needs. Each unique pouch option we offer is designed to meet and exceed your brand’s standards. Learn more about our best coffee packaging below.

Popular Coffee Packaging Bags

Our custom-printed coffee packaging bags allow you to choose the sizes and features that best suit your needs. Packaging can be customized with branded graphics and additional features including innovative one-way degassing valves and zipper closures to ensure optimal flavour and freshness.

Box Pouches

The new standard in coffee packaging is the box pouch that is easy to fill and has plenty of surface area for expressing your company’s creative prowess. These self-standing bags are visually appealing on any grocery store shelf.

Quad Style Pouches

Similar to a box pouch, this package will stand upright when full of coffee beans. It features full height gussets that increase filling volume and provides plenty of canvas space for your graphics department.

Stand-Up Pouches

If you are in search of a bulk solution for your coffee beans,  The sealed sides and bottom gusset provide maximum strength. The large press-to-close zipper opening makes filling easy and helps preserve the freshness of coffee beans.

Lay-Flat Pouches

TRL pillow pouches can be custom-made for both resealable and single-use coffee packaging purposes.